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So Shall My Light Shine


12182765_490028507863968_4311763149780035519_oAs Christians we must be the light that the world is yearning to see. There is so much going on in the world that it is now more important than ever for Christians to not only shine but to shine brightly. It should be our joy; it should be our living, moving testament to the goodness of God. What sets a christian apart from his non-christian counterpart? We go through some of the same trails and tribulations right? Yes! We encounter some of the same life ordeals that seek to pull the carpet from up under your feet. The difference is we serve a mighty God that sets every captive free – who heals and delivers. The God, who gave his only, begotten Son that You may live and not just live but live abundantly. That’s epic!

You are the salt and light of the earth. Be the one who holds your head up in trying times. Be the one to share how you came through. Be the one who holds on to that hope without wavering. Be the one who in the face of adversity can still stand and declare the favor of God. See tribulation is not what sets you apart – what sets you apart is that you stand on the promises of God not within your strength but the strength of God.

There are seven days in a week and we save our shout and our praise for Sunday. Don’t just leave leading souls to Christ to your pastor. What if you crossed paths through the week with someone who has been searching relentlessly for that ray of light that you have. God gets the glory when we allow our lives to be used for his glory in every place we tread.

In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father, who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

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Yes You Can


We all have heard these words – on numerous occasions. All things are possible through God that strengthens you – said to a child who says I can’t when it comes to math. Tears streaming down her cheek – frustration carved across her face. Thoughts of playtime slowly disappearing – out of reach. I buckled down and helped her through the word problems – there was a test waiting for her the next day. I so wanted to give in to her puppy dog eyes – wanting to rescue her from having to endure the pain and hardwork for math problems jumping off a page. I wanted – needed her to know that she could conquer it – so I gave her a few more problems at the risk of becoming the annoying mom. She finished it and I reminded her that she indeed had more strength than she realized.

Perhaps you have something in front of you that is difficult. Maybe throwing a tantrum seems like the best feasible answer than just digging in and putting your best foot forward. Maybe you find your attempts futile and not paying off. God often steps in and remind us of who and whose we are – a soft push to stand in strength. Even when the pull to quit tugs at us – we take another step. Yes it may include tears but the power of “yes you can” trudges us forward.

Often it isn’t the difficulty that is difficult – it is our thought about the difficulty. It is our perception of who we think we are or aren’t. You are more than a conquerer – there is nothing to tough because your God is good. He will help you – he is the greatest teacher. He may not give you the answer,  but he will remain by your side step by little step. he knows that you will become stronger and then when something difficult arises – you will pull from previous victories. So go ahead dig in – it will be worth it.

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Scripture Point Saturday


The man who trust in the Lord, whose confidence indeed is the Lord, is blessed. Jeremiah 17:7

Saturday Thought: we are blessed in every way. May the blessed reach out to be a blessing unto the world. We can go confidently and bodly forward knowing our God is with us. God our strength and stronghold – we trust your plan for our life. We know in you there is a hope and a future. When we seek you – we find you. When we knock – you open doors. When we ask you always answer us. Today it is that faith that carries us – we are steadfast knowing he who is the great orchestrator – Is continually at work in and through us! May we grasp hold of how blessed we truly are today and always.