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Arrive Thirsty – Leave Quenched

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Have you been to the well? Are you on your way? The woman at the well wasn’t there looking for anything – she was going about her daily life – trying to get a refill for her water jug for the day. Perhaps she would be cooking with it, bathing with it, or just getting her fill for the day just in case something called for it. Maybe she went there every day. It was a familiar place to her.  I wondered if she had anything in particular on her mind. She had no idea what or who she would encounter that day, but she would encounter something so unfamiliar in a familiar place – Jesus.

Are you in a familiar place in need of an unfamiliar encounter with Jesus today? It is often in our familiar places where God meets us and changes the view. Have you been to the well before and hadn’t noticed him? Take a second look – he is who you have been searching for all this time.

She reaches the well and finds Jesus who engages her in a conversation. A conversation so out of the ordinary – she was a Samaritan woman and he was a Jew. He ask her a question “Can you give me something to drink?” She then thinks odd and says, “You have no pail.” Matter of fact she questioned why he was even talking to her. You know the story – Jews never associated with Samaritans. She was at a turning point in her life – that would change her life forever. She showed up thirsty, but she will leave quenched.

 That they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel their way toward him and find him. Yet he is actually not far from each one of us, Acts 17:27

 Jesus tells her something about herself – he tells her you are with man, but you have no husband. Now how would it be possible for this stranger to know that? He had to get her attention. I suppose that would get your attention as well.  He didn’t beat on his chest and say, “do you not know that I am Jesus?” He speaks gently with her while explaining that he has a fill – that will quench every thirst.  He has the only living water that would give her a new purpose – a new life. She came with a pail that she would soon leave behind, because she now had life.

He changed her life first by doing something so frowned upon in society – he acknowledged her as his own. He gets personal with her – by letting her in on his omnipresence. He knew her though she knew him not. He then gives her one of the greatest gifts she would ever receive – life.

In your familiar place – don’t miss the God moments that have come to greet you – the gentle conversation that comes to get your attention.You don’t have to travel down a new road to meet him – he is on each and every path you travel. He ask do you need a fill. He beckons for you to come to him – seek him – commune with him. Wherever you are – he is also. You may be traveling thirsty, but he has your fill.

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Scripture Point Saturday


The man who trust in the Lord, whose confidence indeed is the Lord, is blessed. Jeremiah 17:7

Saturday Thought: we are blessed in every way. May the blessed reach out to be a blessing unto the world. We can go confidently and bodly forward knowing our God is with us. God our strength and stronghold – we trust your plan for our life. We know in you there is a hope and a future. When we seek you – we find you. When we knock – you open doors. When we ask you always answer us. Today it is that faith that carries us – we are steadfast knowing he who is the great orchestrator – Is continually at work in and through us! May we grasp hold of how blessed we truly are today and always.

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Scripture Point Friday


Therefore my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices; my flesh also dwells secure Psalms 16:9

Friday thought:
So shall I be joyful and thankful in all things. I can go bodly with all authority today – giving it my best. Today I serve with all my heart – shining light unto the world. You reveal my path – guiding and directing me. In your presence I’m secure!