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Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord. Lord, thank you for opening our eyes to a new day! As our feet hit the floor may the ground we walk on become blessed – leaving trails of goodness in every place. May your word remain upon our hearts – may it be the truth by which we live. Today Lord, we rise, go and are purposed to climb higher!

Good Morning Lovelies

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21 Day Fast


Over the next 21 days I will be fasting and in prayer for you – this ministry page. God is going the do a new thing in your life. It won’t be business as usual – it is time to speak those things that are not as though they are. When we get into agreement with him for every part of our life – strongholds are dismantled – healing manifest – blessings are released.

It starts by giving God everything you have – using what he has given you – God was able to bless the bread and the fish to multiply it to feed 5000 – David defeated Goliath by his understanding that victory was his – not because of the armor he wore, but by the God he serves. So many stories in the bible where God was doing incredible things – those same incredible things can be done for you too.

My focus for 21 days will be how can I be a blessing to others. How can this ministry page be used more for his glory.

I pray that God will cover and protect you – lead and guide you. That he will give you the desires of your heart. If you need a reminder to what God can do – go look in the mirror. Remind yourself that God loves you dearly. Pray without ceasing. Honor him with all you have and watch him work. #GN Be blessed. I will be off social media for 21 days. 🙂

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Scripture Point Thursday | Balance


In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths. proverbs 3:6

Riding bikes can be so fun. Most people go from being merely onlookers to riding with training wheels, before finally learning the art of balance to ride with just two wheels. Most didnt learn to ride by themselves. It usually consisted of someone holding on to the back of the seat until your courage had been built up enough to set you free. Get a mental picture of yourself as an inexperienced rider focused straight ahead with hands holding tightly to the handle bars. The teacher coaching from behind. Reassuring you of all the possibilities that awaits you. He reassures you that he will hold onto you till you’re comfortable. You hesitantly take your feet from the ground to resting them on the peddles. Trees are ahead – sidewalk looks hard and unwelcoming. You begin to peddle – wobbly at first, but you feel the presence of your teacher. You trust him. You begin to feel the wind beating upon  your face – such an exhilarating feeling forming inside you – you are enjoying the mobility and the freedom with all the possibility.

Something begins to change – your teacher is holding less of your seat. You’re still a tad bit wobbly but it’s getting a little easier. You’re riding and your teacher tells you that he is going to let you loose a little but that he wouldn’t be too far behind. That knot catches your throat and you wonder if you will remain upright. You begin to peddle a little faster – you noticed you are peddling by yourself. The thought of that catches you of guard and you woble yourself right into the bushes. Ouch! Your teacher manages to help you back on the bike while you determine that maybe that bike riding isn’t for you. The teacher gets hint of this and tells you that even when you’re wobbly the key to gaining experience is to get back on. Before long you are riding alone – no longer needing someone to hold on your seat. You learn that learning to ride a bike consist of finding your balance.

Once you learn to balance yourself you can go anywhere. You can ride fast or slow. Up hills or down. You may even learn the art of taking your hands of the bars while keeping the bike steady and moving straight. You find that riding is fun, adventurous and freeing.

We can put our trust in God – he is always right there with us. He holds onto us when we are wobbly. He reminds us of how much we are capable of – and that in all aspects of our life we have to find balance by following him. Even Jesus rested. When Jesus needed answers  – he turned to the one that sent him – he did not lean unto his own wisdom and understanding. It is within our quiet time – when we rid ourselves of noise and our attention is on him – we can hear him more clearly. Our directions are precise – and he keeps us fine tuned for our destinations. We must yield and serve God with all of our heart – soul and mind. He becomes our mind regulator for our entire day when we give him our first thought in the morning. When God is the center of our life – everything about us shifts center toward him.  Acknowledging that he holds our future in the palm of his hands equips us with a confidence and boldness to get on our bike of life and ride.

Hold fast to your balance that is within Christ Jesus – your path shall be straight.

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Scripture Point | Least of these


For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat; I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink; I was a stranger and you took me in; I was naked and you clothed me; I was sick and you took care of me; I was in prison and you visited me. Matthew 25:35-36

Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.

Isn’t it fascinating that we are called to love and care for one another. He gave us dominion not to just frolic and have a good time,  but to insure we are doing his perfect will.  Living in different areas I have come across many people who were down on their luck and even wandering the streets and no place to call home and very little food to eat. I have also been around others who felt such persons were trying to get a buck for a cigar or alcohol binge and feeling like helping was a weak thing to do. Whatever anybody think – we  must ask what would Jesus do?

I imagine him stopping to converse with them, encouraging them – feeding them like he fed the five thousand. And while they are eating themselves full he would tell them about the one and only true living water that will quench every thirst. Could you imagine their eyes lightening up – their hearts filling up with joy that someone took notice without judging. They would leave physically and spiritually fed.

My challenge in a time where challenges run rampant – let’s treat people like Christ did. Offer the homeless food instead of passing them by. Donate gently used clothing to a shelter. Spend some time at a nursing home. Let’s open our eyes to those in need, let’s look for opportunities where the love of Christ can be shown. Create magic moments that can change the course of someone’s life today. Big or small we all matter –  remember what we do our don’t do is done to God.

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Yes You Can


We all have heard these words – on numerous occasions. All things are possible through God that strengthens you – said to a child who says I can’t when it comes to math. Tears streaming down her cheek – frustration carved across her face. Thoughts of playtime slowly disappearing – out of reach. I buckled down and helped her through the word problems – there was a test waiting for her the next day. I so wanted to give in to her puppy dog eyes – wanting to rescue her from having to endure the pain and hardwork for math problems jumping off a page. I wanted – needed her to know that she could conquer it – so I gave her a few more problems at the risk of becoming the annoying mom. She finished it and I reminded her that she indeed had more strength than she realized.

Perhaps you have something in front of you that is difficult. Maybe throwing a tantrum seems like the best feasible answer than just digging in and putting your best foot forward. Maybe you find your attempts futile and not paying off. God often steps in and remind us of who and whose we are – a soft push to stand in strength. Even when the pull to quit tugs at us – we take another step. Yes it may include tears but the power of “yes you can” trudges us forward.

Often it isn’t the difficulty that is difficult – it is our thought about the difficulty. It is our perception of who we think we are or aren’t. You are more than a conquerer – there is nothing to tough because your God is good. He will help you – he is the greatest teacher. He may not give you the answer,  but he will remain by your side step by little step. he knows that you will become stronger and then when something difficult arises – you will pull from previous victories. So go ahead dig in – it will be worth it.