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Excerpt from “Chains That Love Broke”

As human beings, we also become broken. When brokenness happens, most of us go into panic mode. We don’t like change. We try to negotiate with God on what He has allowed to break. Surely He wouldn’t take away those things which we hold so tightly or value so highly! So we start giving God only the things we don’t mind giving up. One thing is for sure: God gets His way. God doesn’t break you, Beloved, because He wants to destroy you; He breaks you so that He can restore you. God is a perfecting God: good just isn’t good enough for Him. He will take your good, allow you to bask in it for a while, and then He will take it away. He knows when you have become comfortable. Comfortable often means you are not going any further; you stop growing.

When we get broken we start asking, “Why?” Discouragement tries to slip in, and we start to grieve over the loss. God takes those broken pieces and forms something more beautiful than what we had before.