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God Can Use You

In just a few days “The Chains That Love Broke” will be released. I have been asking myself how I truly feel about that. First and foremost I’m truly excited – I actually feel quite blessed to be here. The funny thing is I have learned an incredible amount through the process.

Within I share a little about myself – my struggles and my triumphs. I’m sharing my heart – open and revealed. You know that is kind of scary – letting people see your inward world. Even with that I’m sure it is just the thing someone needs to hear. We all have something to share – something that can help someone who is facing what you faced. We all can finds things that we can relate to.

We really do need each other to survive. Wow I sure wouldn’t be the one to stand here and tell you I did all this single handily. No, my friend it took some breaks, some detours and new perspectives to get me here. It wasn’t all smiles either – hey I even had moments where the pages stared at me wondering when I was going to put some ink on it. God used some people to get my attention and boy oh boy did that work. I had many moments of “God I hear you.”

I’m looking forward to the best that is yet to come. The anticipation is unreal. I’m heading into uncharted Territory. I know God is with me. Have you ever done something that really stretched you – made you want to see what you’re made of? This is one of them for me.
I truly believe God can use anybody – there is no one that isn’t usable by God. I always say “God use me” even when I don’t know what that entails.

You know God can use you too – yes you!

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The Chains That Love Broke (ComingSoon)

KimOkwudibonye_Book_TheChainsThatLoveBroke_Mockup_2-24-14aIn The Chains That Love Broke, author Kim Okwudibonye takes you on a journey from her dysfunctional  childhood to breaks of adulthood that would lead her to the place of her healing and restoration in hopes that you will see that you, too, can come out victorious.  Dear friend, God has already won the battle that rages inside of you: He just waits for you to be in agreement with Him.

As you read The Chains That Love Broke, you are certain to find within you the warrior that will not quit.  Kim’s unique down-to-earth story-telling style will melt your heart and build you up in the faith.  Spend a few moments in the pages of this life-changing book, and you will soon be convinced that you are not just going to win: you already have won!