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24993152_756241654575984_978992581898088566_nNo matter where you are today, remember you are in the process of  becoming. You are becoming better. You are becoming stronger and you’re becoming wiser. Remember it hardly matters where you start – but how you finish. Open up yourself today to allow change – to allow who you are in God to actualize in your life. It’s not too late – you are just beginning. To often we stay stuck in old ways of living and being and it’s time to say to yourself no more – I’m becoming. You are worth the best and you must not stop until it is acquired.

I am becoming today the best me I can be. Today I am embracing who I am and what I am called to do. Today I remove limits and all restrictions to living my best life. Today I rise above fear and walk in the love of my God and grab hold of the power He has released into the atmosphere. My mind is being renewed and transformed daily. I am becoming. I am empowered

Life hinges upon learning and growing – you will be developed along life’s path. Don’t reject opportunity for growth – stay flexible. Learn what needs to be learned – it will only help to polish you. You are becoming!

Remember today You are becoming and because you are becoming you can enjoy the process. You can learn to view life and the challenges of life as the vehicle to your becoming. Great things take time – nothing great just happens – it becomes.

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Every good and perfect gift comes from the Lord. Lord, thank you for opening our eyes to a new day! As our feet hit the floor may the ground we walk on become blessed – leaving trails of goodness in every place. May your word remain upon our hearts – may it be the truth by which we live. Today Lord, we rise, go and are purposed to climb higher!

Good Morning Lovelies

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The night before Thanksgiving, preparing to work the night shift, contemplating when even to begin cooking. Nothing like the sweet aroma of pies cooking and all types of delicious delicacies. Turkey, yams, stuffing all sound pleasing to my ears and even cause a little salivating to occur within my mouth. It will be the first Thanksgiving holiday residing in my new state of residence, and I had every intention to go home. When work calls, we just have to answer the call. As I think about it, holidays are when I most often wished I lived closer to my family. Still, I am excited. Excited to make new memories in which to share with my children. I am grateful! I choose gratefulness because it is something I try to live by every single day and not just one day out of the year. I’m thankful even to have this day or any day for that matter.

I think about the ones who may have experienced loss or ones who may not have any close relatives nearby in which to share this time. Holiday’s are not considered a joyous occasion for everybody, and somehow that fact always humbles me to not for one-second take for granted anything that I do have. It is my prayer that everyone feels a little love this day and every day. That means we must stretch ourselves a little more to show people that they matter and someone cares. Take some time out of your celebration and reach out to somebody, maybe that older adult who lives alone, that neighbor that has lost a loved one, etc. The possibilities are endless. Show you care!

No matter where I am spending my holiday I appreciate the life that God gives. I am grateful for all God continues to bestow upon my life, his mercy, his love his gift. I am also thankful for the food that will cover my table for the 3 of us. I even thank God for you. To the person that is reading this. Your life matters and you are important. If you find this time of year trying, I send you good vibes and well wishes for a blessed day. May something beautifully unexpected comes your way. May joy rise within you not just for this holiday but for every single day.

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Kiss Your Excuses Goodbye

There comes a time you take all your excuses that you can’t afford and put them in the trash. You’re worth more than the wasted time that you can never get back. You want it, then kick your excuses goodbye and go get it. Liberation from limitations begin with a made up mind and the determination to see it through! I became free when I realized the bondage I was experiencing was all in my mind. 22852994_740272816172868_4347166940066118448_n
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Arrive Thirsty – Leave Quenched

icecream (1)

Have you been to the well? Are you on your way? The woman at the well wasn’t there looking for anything – she was going about her daily life – trying to get a refill for her water jug for the day. Perhaps she would be cooking with it, bathing with it, or just getting her fill for the day just in case something called for it. Maybe she went there every day. It was a familiar place to her.  I wondered if she had anything in particular on her mind. She had no idea what or who she would encounter that day, but she would encounter something so unfamiliar in a familiar place – Jesus.

Are you in a familiar place in need of an unfamiliar encounter with Jesus today? It is often in our familiar places where God meets us and changes the view. Have you been to the well before and hadn’t noticed him? Take a second look – he is who you have been searching for all this time.

She reaches the well and finds Jesus who engages her in a conversation. A conversation so out of the ordinary – she was a Samaritan woman and he was a Jew. He ask her a question “Can you give me something to drink?” She then thinks odd and says, “You have no pail.” Matter of fact she questioned why he was even talking to her. You know the story – Jews never associated with Samaritans. She was at a turning point in her life – that would change her life forever. She showed up thirsty, but she will leave quenched.

 That they should seek God, in the hope that they might feel their way toward him and find him. Yet he is actually not far from each one of us, Acts 17:27

 Jesus tells her something about herself – he tells her you are with man, but you have no husband. Now how would it be possible for this stranger to know that? He had to get her attention. I suppose that would get your attention as well.  He didn’t beat on his chest and say, “do you not know that I am Jesus?” He speaks gently with her while explaining that he has a fill – that will quench every thirst.  He has the only living water that would give her a new purpose – a new life. She came with a pail that she would soon leave behind, because she now had life.

He changed her life first by doing something so frowned upon in society – he acknowledged her as his own. He gets personal with her – by letting her in on his omnipresence. He knew her though she knew him not. He then gives her one of the greatest gifts she would ever receive – life.

In your familiar place – don’t miss the God moments that have come to greet you – the gentle conversation that comes to get your attention.You don’t have to travel down a new road to meet him – he is on each and every path you travel. He ask do you need a fill. He beckons for you to come to him – seek him – commune with him. Wherever you are – he is also. You may be traveling thirsty, but he has your fill.

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All Aboard

Untitled designAll aboard! All Aboard – you hear the words so crispy clear. The flight attendant is urging you to climb on – not much time to wait. How did you end up here at the gate with nothing packed? You plead please,” I must go take some things to carry on, All I need is a moment.” To your disappointment she says, ” I’m sorry but there isn’t room -you must board as you are with what you have.”

You are left with a decision. You want to go where you’re going, but you think – just one carry-on will be absolutely necessary. No time to pack – the destination promising – you board without the essentials you think you need.

There are times you have to just climb aboard. Don’t think – rehearse – figure out what is packed – what isn’t packed. These are the GO moments of life that we must all take to get to the other side of ourselves. Relinquishing our plans for the divine plan of God. Swapping our luggage for the exchange of his luggage. Just maybe the luggage you are trying to carry isn’t properly packed – it’s overstuffed. Are you willing to board with just his promise and his plan – or will you give more value to your luggage?  Does your luggage take the place of God? There is greater value in the luggage he has for you. Sometimes you just have to climb aboard and find out for yourself.

There is beauty in the climb aboard. You’re agreeing to partnering with God to reach the promise land. Recall that Israel wasn’t completely convinced that where they were going was better than what they left – boarding was an unfamiliar place for them. They wanted their luggage. God is ready to part the red sea, but you have to be willing to walk – to climb up from where you are. To fly high and not low. To take the leap of faith that surely will take you to places where remembrance of the luggage you once held becomes a distant memory. All aboard! All aboard – can you hear the call.

 All this also comes from the Lord Almighty,
whose plan is wonderful,
whose wisdom is magnificent.
Isaiah 28:29

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images (6)It’s funny when you think you don’t know what to write about – then  all of a sudden – you have an ah-ha moment – something just starts to click – like your neurons in the brain starts to fire off. Waiting for the perfect thought – the right inspiration just to get the perfect piece. Then I remember that often some of the best work comes from opportunities that were made useful – rather than waiting for a perfect moment to make useful. Get it written already. Whatever it is – however it is – just write.  Great writing never happens by just thinking – great writing happens when you are willing to bleed at the keyboard – one word at a time.

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Stay In The Game

Sitting in the bleachers watching the boys play basketball while my daughter cheers. The opposing team is beating us terribly 32:16 and it is only the first half. Honestly I may be a little bias both teams are pretty good. The opposing team has the advantage – the boys are taller. Even with the uncomfortableness of the hard bleachers – I’m enjoying it. But why are they losing so badly – maybe we should just wrap it up and leave. no! We could just stay in the game and finish. It isn’t always about the win, but preserving to the end to see what the end will be.

I’m not truly a sports fan, but for some reason when our team makes a three pointer – the excitement rises within me. We have to keep our head in the game even when we are talking about non sports related things. I’m sure even if our team finishes last – they still finished. They gave their all – persevered to the end. They will win in spirit – every game they conquer only stands to build their endurance – increase their courage to face any opponent.

Stay in your game – stay encouraged. God is cheering you on. Don’t look at where you are and what the opponent has – focus – your growing and strength builds with every push. There aren’t any losers when God is with you. Discover what you have inside – that’s a true winner. As I’ve typed this we’ve caught up a bit.

Watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong.” (1 Corinthians 16:13)