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Scripture Point Friday | Double Portion


Instead of your shame you will receive a double portion, and instead of disgrace you will rejoice in your inheritance. And so you will inherit a double portion in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.
Isaiah 61:7

Do you recall the story of Hannah, married to Elkanah whose other wife’s name was Peninnah. Peninnah had children for him, but Hannah did not. When the husband would give meat – he always gave double portions to Hannah and just a portion to everybody else. The bible tell us that his love for her was great even though she had not conceived. Now Peninnah would taunt Hannah about her inability to produce children – I’m sure causing great stress to her. We are told she wept and didn’t have an appetite.

The taunting caused by Peninnah caused her to go and pray at the tabernacle. Eli the priest watched her weep and cry out to God. He assumes perhaps she had been drinking. She responds by telling him “I’ve been pouring out my heart to God.” Eli blessed her saying “Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant the petition you’ve requested from him.”

She eventually would conceive and give birth to Samuel – giving him to the Lord because he had blessed her. The story goes on to tell us that she give birth to more children.

Hannah’s inability to conceive brought her to the face of the Lord. She poured out her heart – God poured back into her double blessing. Her current place made her move into action by faith to claim what was already given her. Do you relate to Hannah? The same God that blessed Hannah with an overflow – is the same God who is ready to give you a double portion. Stay connected to God – give him what you have. He hears your whispers and sees your praise. God says that nothing good will he withhold from you – step into position to receive your double portion. You will receive your inheritance!

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Scripture Point Wednesday | Thirsty

tumblr_mdnzyiXSBY1ri5mzgo1_400Jesus said, Everyone who drinks from this water will get thirsty again. But whoever drinks from the water that I will give him will never thirst again – ever! In fact that water that I will give him will become a well of water springing up within him for eternal life. John 4:13-14

We can find a temporary fufillment of satisfaction from things in our life, but true satisfaction comes from the new life we have in Jesus Christ.

I had this conversation with my daugther early this morning about what blessings, happiness, joy,  contentment consisted of. As I go into my explanation, she stopped me in my tracks – asked you call this blessed? A little shell shocked I answered yes. Our needs are met, we are living and breathing and that we serve a God who is capable of anything. She wasn’t convinced, but then I realized she was young – the truth I know about God and who he is to me probably would take her to learn through her own life.

The God of grace and mercy wants to fill you with a confidence that only he can give. Look to him who will quench your thirst – for he understands. Whatever else are blessings he bestows – focus on him above all else! He is waiting for the surrendered heart.

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Scripture Point Saturday


The man who trust in the Lord, whose confidence indeed is the Lord, is blessed. Jeremiah 17:7

Saturday Thought: we are blessed in every way. May the blessed reach out to be a blessing unto the world. We can go confidently and bodly forward knowing our God is with us. God our strength and stronghold – we trust your plan for our life. We know in you there is a hope and a future. When we seek you – we find you. When we knock – you open doors. When we ask you always answer us. Today it is that faith that carries us – we are steadfast knowing he who is the great orchestrator – Is continually at work in and through us! May we grasp hold of how blessed we truly are today and always.

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God Can Use You

In just a few days “The Chains That Love Broke” will be released. I have been asking myself how I truly feel about that. First and foremost I’m truly excited – I actually feel quite blessed to be here. The funny thing is I have learned an incredible amount through the process.

Within I share a little about myself – my struggles and my triumphs. I’m sharing my heart – open and revealed. You know that is kind of scary – letting people see your inward world. Even with that I’m sure it is just the thing someone needs to hear. We all have something to share – something that can help someone who is facing what you faced. We all can finds things that we can relate to.

We really do need each other to survive. Wow I sure wouldn’t be the one to stand here and tell you I did all this single handily. No, my friend it took some breaks, some detours and new perspectives to get me here. It wasn’t all smiles either – hey I even had moments where the pages stared at me wondering when I was going to put some ink on it. God used some people to get my attention and boy oh boy did that work. I had many moments of “God I hear you.”

I’m looking forward to the best that is yet to come. The anticipation is unreal. I’m heading into uncharted Territory. I know God is with me. Have you ever done something that really stretched you – made you want to see what you’re made of? This is one of them for me.
I truly believe God can use anybody – there is no one that isn’t usable by God. I always say “God use me” even when I don’t know what that entails.

You know God can use you too – yes you!