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Where The Wind Leads


When the wind blows and it seems you’re diverted off your path

Relax and let it take you where it may,

for every wind is a messenger from above.

Here, It’s time to go this way!

So Today, the wind and I became friends,

no longer loathing it as the enemy.

Accepting, embracing and moving where it sends.

For when it ends, I would have then run into my destiny,

slowly, patiently arriving,

growing, bending, yet not breaking,

Reformed into a Christ-like identity.

Wind is that you I feel whisk across my face?


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Speak Speak Speak

Being in large audiences or just the thought of speaking in front of a lot of people use to have me trembling in my boots. Speak in front of who I would ask? I’m talking about sweat dripping, tongue-tied, take cover nervousness. I’ve grown out of that – having people staring at you waiting to see what you have to say is not all the bad. Often we think we are going to make a huge mistake, maybe forget what we were going to say, and the list goes on. In high school, I would hear my mother speak of toastmasters, but I never knew what it meant. She was often called to speak, rather in her local church or affiliated churches in other states. I assumed toastmasters had something to do with her job, and I suppose you can say it did. She was confident and well-spoken and I could probably ascertain to where she developed her skills.

Toastmasters International is a world leader in teaching people how to communicate efficiently and lead within their communities. Members who wish to improve their speaking and leadership skills can join for a minuscule fee. Want to try it out? Toastmasters welcome guest, it’s like trying it on before you join the group. It will provide you a welcoming environment and the ability to meet new people who have the same goal as you. Information can be obtained at Meetings occur twice a month but the one I attended meets weekly.

I picked up the phone one day and made contact with a member who encouraged me to participate in the next meeting. I didn’t know what to expect, but I am a firm believer in if you want something you must be willing to get it. You must be ready conquer your fears and nervousness. I did, and it was great. It was, first of all, fun. There were speeches, impromptu’s, jokes and learning tidbits. It was worth it. I didn’t feel like the guest – I felt like part of the team that joining was without question. Maybe you are not speaking for a living but just looking to communicate better with the ones you love, or learning to interact better in work environments. Whatever the case there is something for everyone.

“If we did all the things we are capable of we would astound ourselves”

~ Thomas Edison

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Be Silly!


So ultimately I sat here looking at the computer – it looking at me. I wanted to create another post, but my brain was on pause! I didn’t have anything. So I’m going to share what I was doing when there was nothing spilling out onto the keyboards. You ever have those moments of pure silliness? Inside your chuckling because I’m sure somebody is looking – wondering – what is she doing? I didn’t care – I was going to be silly!

Then it clicked. Have you laughed today – smiled for nothing at all. Go ahead do it – I know you want to. WIN_20140808_115722

I heard in the deep recesses of my heart – don’t be so serious! Let loose – get goofy! That my friends I did. The ability to stay fun – even for short moments – it does a body good. Creativity is born when you just be free – no formulas – precise directions. Just free! To birth creativity you have to connect with the inner kid – not the rigid adult. How fun could the workplace become if we learned this simple trick. How about if you have a project that you’re totally stuck on. Have you ever thought to walk away from it and return when you have refreshed. Give yourself 15 min of silly – when you return you will be able to better focus. It’s fun – relaxing – be free!

I hope I taught you one thing – if nothing else today. Be free! Have fun – be silly. It is the tool to creativity.

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Excerpt from “Chains That Love Broke”

As human beings, we also become broken. When brokenness happens, most of us go into panic mode. We don’t like change. We try to negotiate with God on what He has allowed to break. Surely He wouldn’t take away those things which we hold so tightly or value so highly! So we start giving God only the things we don’t mind giving up. One thing is for sure: God gets His way. God doesn’t break you, Beloved, because He wants to destroy you; He breaks you so that He can restore you. God is a perfecting God: good just isn’t good enough for Him. He will take your good, allow you to bask in it for a while, and then He will take it away. He knows when you have become comfortable. Comfortable often means you are not going any further; you stop growing.

When we get broken we start asking, “Why?” Discouragement tries to slip in, and we start to grieve over the loss. God takes those broken pieces and forms something more beautiful than what we had before.