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Excerpt from “Chains That Love Broke”

As human beings, we also become broken. When brokenness happens, most of us go into panic mode. We don’t like change. We try to negotiate with God on what He has allowed to break. Surely He wouldn’t take away those things which we hold so tightly or value so highly! So we start giving God only the things we don’t mind giving up. One thing is for sure: God gets His way. God doesn’t break you, Beloved, because He wants to destroy you; He breaks you so that He can restore you. God is a perfecting God: good just isn’t good enough for Him. He will take your good, allow you to bask in it for a while, and then He will take it away. He knows when you have become comfortable. Comfortable often means you are not going any further; you stop growing.

When we get broken we start asking, “Why?” Discouragement tries to slip in, and we start to grieve over the loss. God takes those broken pieces and forms something more beautiful than what we had before.

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You Can Do It!

The question isn’t if you can do it – the question is when?  The greatest hindrance to moving forward is standing still. Standing still gets you nowhere – but taking a step a of faith can get you to places you could only imagine. Often standing still seems to be much safer – less risky. There are no chances or opportunities without some type of risk. The exciting part is that your not just taking a risk – your putting your trust and faith in God. It is easier to plunge forward when you know God is by your side.

Step out – just do it. When you are preparing to head to work. When you step out in the morning – get in your car don’t you expect it to work – don’t you even expect that you will arrive at your destination? Yes! That is faith – you didn’t know what was ahead totally, but did it stop you.

Don’t let what could go wrong hinder you from going forward. It may be scary, but do it anyway. You may have naysayers – do it anyway. It make take a lot of falling and getting back up – do it anyway! You will never know what you can do unless you do it. You will never reach that mountain top unless you get to climbing.

This weeks declaration……

” I am not going to stand in my way any longer – I’m going to push through the fear. I can and I will. Standing still is not an option – moving forward is the plan that can not fail as long as I walk in faith. I have everything I need within me to press pass limits.”

Go do it!

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The Chains That Love Broke (ComingSoon)

KimOkwudibonye_Book_TheChainsThatLoveBroke_Mockup_2-24-14aIn The Chains That Love Broke, author Kim Okwudibonye takes you on a journey from her dysfunctional  childhood to breaks of adulthood that would lead her to the place of her healing and restoration in hopes that you will see that you, too, can come out victorious.  Dear friend, God has already won the battle that rages inside of you: He just waits for you to be in agreement with Him.

As you read The Chains That Love Broke, you are certain to find within you the warrior that will not quit.  Kim’s unique down-to-earth story-telling style will melt your heart and build you up in the faith.  Spend a few moments in the pages of this life-changing book, and you will soon be convinced that you are not just going to win: you already have won!