Kimberlee O.Kimberlee is an Evangelist, Speaker, and Author of The Chains That Love broke – it entails a story of pain and joy, fear and faith -failure to victory. Just like many people she fought with the idea of who she was and is – in the midst of some very tough circumstances. It is when we understand and embrace the love that God has for everyone who seeks him that we can find the grace, forgiveness, joy, purpose that may have to be imprisoned within us. She doesn’t see her life as a series of knockdowns from which she never recovered – She prefers to describe herself as someone who has an incredible desire and ability to take her broken pieces and allow God to turn them into masterpieces. It is through her writing, painting, preaching – entails a vivid testimony of the mighty God she serves and the grace and mercy he continues to show them that love him.

She earned a Master’s of Science in Psychology on May 15th 2017 from Walden University. It is her passion to make a mark upon the earth for the up-building of the kingdom of God preaching and teaching, mentoring youth and adults in becoming all God have created them to be by arriving at that place of healing, restoration, and abundance within their lives.

Her greatest motivator has always been her three children, two girls, and one boy. She believes her life was redirected and changed when God provided them as a gift for her to cover and protect the seed. They are her joys.


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